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Bungle in the Jungle (League of Legends Animation)

Anyone can jungle in Season 5

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Chronodance and Fortnight at Freddy’s (FNAF) High-Res Wallpapers

Fortnight at Freddy’s (FNAF) has crossed over 8 million views in just about 1.5 months. That’s over 21 years people spent watching that animation! Let’s celebrate with some more exclusive wallpapers from your favorite game-themed animations!

chronodance wallpaper


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Welcome to


Welcome to, the central hub for Crazy Boris Productions! Animations, hand-picked community works, bonuses such as wallpapers and behind-the-scenes content can all be found here. Crazy Boris is one guy, making video game-themed animations on Youtube. Feel free to browse around, leave comments and feedback and don’t forget to share on your favorite networks.

Thanks for visiting the Crazy Boris Productions website.

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Corki Uncoptered and Gnar You’re a Man wallpapers

High Resolution Wallpapers from my League of Legends animations

Thank you for 100,000 subscribers to my Youtube channel! To celebrate, have some 1920 x 1200 pictures (wallpapers?) from ‘Corki Uncoptered’ and ‘Gnar You’re a Man’!

leage_of_legends_wallpaper       Corki_uncoptered_wallpaper

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