Freddy Fazbear rap (Fazrap)

Freddy Fazrap

Five House Parties at Freddy’s fazrap song

Right mouse click on Download button and select “Save link as”



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10 comments to Freddy Fazbear rap (Fazrap)

  • ERROR  says:

    Can you upload a instrumental version.

  • pandaomran  says:

    how do i download when i click download i only hear the rap

    • crazyboris crazyboris  says:

      Right mouse click on Download button and select “Save link as”

  • Tormi  says:

    No lo puedo descargar y no se porque xD

  • Tormi  says:

    aaaah para descargar el audi tienen que poner, guardar audio como xD

  • Gael  says:


  • BrokerCz  says:

    This is EPIC

  • Cartierpenna  says:

    I can’t download the rap :'( help me!

  • lorena77  says:


  • Chris  says:

    That is awesome song!

    Question, can you re-upload that music with loop animation?

    Or can I upload that music with loop animation on my channel?

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